Sakurazaka Ohime (sakurazakaohime) wrote,
Sakurazaka Ohime

[SELL] Gintama Vol. 1-4 RAW

I sell my Gintama Manga.
It is still look good, around 98%. I sell this because I bought the same volume^^". I put the sale here because I don't know how amazon works(its always direct me to make a professional account, not individual ones>.> ).

You can see its condition from the photos below.
UPDATED(sept 2016): VOLUME 1&2 SOLD

$7 each. $13 if you buy all of them.
(IDR80.000/book. IDR150.000 all)

Payment and Shipping:
I'll use ONLY Paypal or Western Union.
Or Bank Transfer via BCA if you're from Indonesia.

I shipped from Bekasi, INDONESIA.
If you're outside Indonesia, I'll use DHL (it's pricey but trustworthy). If you're from Indonesia we can use JNE or J&T or even Gojek if you live around Bekasi.
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