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[ drabbles ] Awaiting

Just too much rewatch Civil War combining with missing Brittany much more.


Brittany Kingsley Original Character by me
Norman Hecter Original Character by kiiterra
Marvel Chara belongs to Marvel


It's start from the boyriend topic.

After the uncharacteristically-blushing Brittany Kingsley shown a Tony Stark photograph on her phone to the near-fall-from-his-chair-because-laugh-too-hard Norman Hecter, kitchen's atmosphere getting warm. Brittany recalling this as long gone family warmness.

And its just like that the conversation going.

"Why the heck this Chris Evans guy always get his attention... kiss on the cheek and such.." The girl grumbling as she scroll down her Instagram search.

"Aw come on, spare me. After all the shock, I expect more than a man in a can.."
It's started as the man noticed that the girl addiction to herb on her cook will make him live 100 years with maximum health.

"A man in a can?" Brittany look up to the man with eyebrows furrowed as she put the phone down beside her plate.

"Take the suit, what he is?"

Norman hear the girl quoting the Marvel Hero while chewing his share of Paella, "Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist."

Try to not choke, Norman gulping the food, "I know someone without those, but worth ten of him." His lips near broke into a smirk.

"Someone who make an almost-adorable Captain America into a nuts?" Brittany take a spoonful paella after that.


There's a few second of silence to Brittany chew her food in lady-like manner before answering.

"He is supposed to be the guy on his people side. Law side. But a bit of happiness from meeting he-thought-dying boyfriend make him throw everything."

"I don't think he chose to throw the Accords because of Bucky though. It's unrelated."

Brittany nods in agreement, "Right, but his cowardly act just make his boyfriends killing each other."

There's a blink and furrowed eyebrows of confusion on Norman side, "Why you hate him so much?"

Brittany sweep her lips with table cloth, "Because he has all the Tony's attention. Geez. Tony try to safe the family, why he can't just see that??"

Knowing the topic back to the top, Norman make a rolled eyes remark.

"Really?" His tone like there is a 'just because of that?' Left being unsaid.

A moment of silence. Brittany take the drink's pitch, "I'm too related with Stark y'know."

"What? Being a freaks who trapped theirself at their lab and shut the world down?"

She just shrugged it, "That's first, and we have our family killed for politics."

Her tone was flat. But she rather too focused on water in her cup. Purposely. Make her face and eyes hard to see-and read- by the ex-agent in front of her.

"I don't know Heroes Movie can make you goes sentimental." He try to safe the mood.

"It's hit the right spot, Dr. Banner." Brittany success crack a small smile before drink her orange juice.

"No. Not the hulk."

"Unless you want to be someone who get all my revenge, then be the Capt."

"I beg your pardon?"

"I'm the genius who holing up on their labs and get their parents killed, right?" She have slightly smug face when put down the glass and take the pitch. Ready to pour some to Norman's glass, "Knowing how it feels to lose them, and maybe I'll understand Tony's feeling when the murder finally appear."

Norman's glass now full, Brittany put a few seconds of silence to look the man's eyes when saying the last sentence and put the down the pitch.

The silence last a few seconds more to Norman take a decision to try safe the mood once again, "You'll slap the murder in the face with your metal glove?" Almost laugh tone, before he drinks the juice. Throat suddenly dry.

"Sounds good." She shrugged it again and continue eating, "I'll torture him though, make it painful."

Hear her tone, Norman knows he is almost succes safe the mood. And the conversation goes untill he made it. With word 'cowardly act' roaring on his head and heart. It's indeed hit the right spot, coming from the victim made by his action.

While debating how Romanoff's hair should be with that said victim, Norman understand the Capt's feeling-to not telling Tony about his parents murder-so well.

Brittany see Norman try to safe the mood and she decide to help him.

As she defending the short, curly hair of Romanoff, her eyes let a pitiful sight towards the man in front of her, for merely a second.

The man doesn't know, on the attic, on Brittany's laptop screen, shown his face and his friend face, from a report she finally can get after hacking a high level security of Pentagon.

A report about the man's failure on a mission leading to her family annihilation.
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